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Inspired Coaching

Carrie is a professional coach who is committed to helping clients who feel stuck, discouraged,  and/or don’t know which direction to move next.  After one session, Carrie’s clients report feeling more joy, optimism, clarity, ease, and freedom to move forward.  You can count on Carrie for courage, balance, clarity, connection, authenticity, and a dash of playfulness as she helps you reach your potential and become who you want to be.   

When Carrie is not coaching, you can find her walking her dog, taking in a beautiful sunset, doing improv theater, listening to music, or enjoying a good story.  

Carrie is originally from the US-midwest and has lived with her husband and kids in California for the last 20 years.  She has moved many times in her life from childhood through adulthood and understands what big transitions can feel like.  She travels extensively, has traveled around the world twice with kids, and has studied and worked in Europe and South America.  Carrie has a breadth of experience in the fields of higher education, wellness, and human resources.


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